Low FODMAP vegan tostadas with tofu

low FODMAP vegan tostadas - karlijnskitchen.com

I made tostadas for the first time last week and that I have done that once, I don’t understand why I never made them before. Mexican tostadas are the perfect low FODMAP meal! Tostadas are crispy baked corn tortillas topped with a topping of your choice. You can have them for lunch, dinner or for breakfast in different variations. I made low FODMAP vegan tostadas with tofu and mushrooms and that was a very tasty dinner!

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Low FODMAP marble bundt cake

low FODMAP marble bundt cake - karlijnskitchen.com

Today I have a very tasty recipe for you! A chocolate and vanilla flavoured low FODMAP marble bundt cake. I fell in love with the nordic ware bundt cake tins the first time I saw them and now that I finally got my hands on one, I couldn’t wait to try it. The result was a beautiful and super moist cake with distinct chocolate and vanilla flavours. The perfect cake to have next to a cup of tea. It didn’t survive long in my house ;)

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Low FODMAP polenta porridge with red fruits

low FODMAP polenta porridge - karlijnskitchen.com

Today I have a delicious breakfast recipe for you. Something different than the usual oatmeal or rice pudding. I made low FODMAP polenta porridge for breakfast! If you are not familiar with polenta yet, polenta is fine corn flour that is often used in Italy. If you mix it with hot water it turns into a thick porridge and in Italy this is often eaten for dinner. I have already shared several polenta recipes on my blog, here you can find a delicious polenta with blue cheese and spinach. If you leave the polenta to cool down it sets and you can cut it into blocks or you can make fries with it. See this recipe for example.

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Low FODMAP Poké bowl with salmon

low FODMAP poke bowl - karlijnskitchen.com

The poké bowl trend has been going on for a while now and sharing a recipe for a low FODMAP poké bowl has been on my list for a very long time, but I didn’t find the time to make a recipe until now. Last week, I finally had the chance to make it and because it is such a simple recipe to make low FODMAP, I didn’t want to keep this recipe from you.

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Eating low FODMAP in Morocco

eating low FODMAP in morocco - karlijnskitchen.com

Last week, I was on holiday in Morocco! It was my very first time in this beautiful country and I must admit that I was a bit worried about eating low FODMAP in Morocco. Morocco’s national dish is Tajine, stewed beef, fish or vegetables, in a pot that is often served with couscous. A dish that Morocco is very proud of. And of course, couscous is not low FODMAP..

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