Healthy egg wrap

healthy proteinrich egg wraps -

Today I have a delicious and healthy lunch recipe for you. An egg wrap! I have made an egg wrap before using eggs and ground oats, but I only shared this recipe in my free lunch e-book (you get the e-book for free when you subscribe to my newsletter!) and I never shared a recipe for an egg wrap on my blog before. Time to change that because it is a super handy and protein-rich lunch! Read more

Low FODMAP pumpkin spiced breakfast cake

low fodmap pumpkin spiced breakfast cake -

I have always been crazy about our Dutch “ontbijtkoek”. It is a breakfast cake with spices that are very similar to pumpkin spice. We prefer to eat it with a thick layer of butter on it next to a cup of coffee. The original version has a lot of sugar, but I created a low FODMAP pumpkin spiced breakfast cake with less sugar.

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Low FODMAP Pumpkin noodle soup

thai pumpkin noodle soup -

I love noodles and curries and in the autumn and winter months, I also love eating a warm soup now and then. In this recipe, I combine all of these together. A soup with pumpkin, a delicious spices mix and noodles. This combination makes a creamy noodle soup with a lot of spices. One bowl of soup is filling enough for a light dinner!

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Oven-baked brie frittata

oven-baked brie frittata -

I wanted to make a light, but protein-rich dinner and that is when I created this oven-baked brie frittata! A super simple recipe with only 5 ingredients. With a salad or slice of low FODMAP bread on the side, this is a perfect light dinner. But you can also take a few slices of the brie frittata for lunch or as a side dish. Put the frittata into a box and you can also take it with you on the go.

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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #3 – October

low FODMAP weekly meal plan 3 -

It is Sunday again and that means: time for another weekly meal plan! Autumn has officially started and that means I can go crazy with pumpkin recipes again. I am definitely going to experiment with new pumpkin recipes in the next weeks, but I also have several very good pumpkin recipes on my blog already. So this meal plan contains some of these recipes! Are you just as crazy about pumpkin as I am or don’t you like it so much? Next to pumpkin recipes, this autumn will be all about curries and casseroles. Mmm, I really love this season!  Read more

Chai overnight breakfast cookie

chai overnight breakfast cookie -

I saw the idea for these overnight breakfast cookies on Chocolate Coved Katie’s blog and I liked the idea so much, that I wanted to make my own version. I made a chai overnight breakfast cookie. It is like overnight oats, but then in the shape of a cookie. Super tasty and handy because it just takes a minute to prepare and the next morning you can just take it from the fridge and your breakfast is ready!  Read more

Mexican quinoa casserole

mexican quinoa casserole -

I wanted to make a casserole that was healthy, but also tasty and cheesy. A casserole with Mexican flavours. And I managed with this Mexican quinoa casserole! A casserole with a layer of melted cheese, but also loaded with healthy ingrediënts. If you don’t have a lot of time on the evening that you want to make this recipe, you can also prepare the enchilada sauce the evening before. That saves you some time :)  Read more