Pulled Chicken Tortillas with coleslaw

low FODMAP pulled chicken tortillas - karlijnskitchen.com

Pulled pork has been on my “have to make low FODMAP” list for a very long time. I think I even added it to my food bucket list for 2017. But if I think recipes are difficult to make, I always keep postponing to make them. The fact that I have to go to a butcher to buy pork shoulder is keeping me from making it. In order to make a “pulled” recipe anyway, I decided to start simple with pulled chicken. To make pulled chicken you just have to buy some chicken breast, boil it and pull it apart with a fork. Too easy not to try it and it is very tasty! I made delicious low FODMAP pulled chicken tortillas with coleslaw.

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Low FODMAP “Oreo” waffles

low fodmap oreo waffles - karlijnskitchen.com

Some recipes don’t need any explanation. Waffles with Oreos ánd whipped cream! What else do I need to say ;) DIVINE! I think they are perfect for a birthday breakfast, father’s day or mother’s day (I know I am too late, but maybe for next year!) or just to treat yourself. With these low FODMAP Oreo waffles you will make almost everybody happy!

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Low FODMAP Truffle pasta with parmesan cheese

low FODMAP truffle pasta - karlijnskitchen.com

I love the simplicity of the Italian cuisine. I am always amazed how they can make a perfect meal with only a handful of ingrediënts. The best pasta I ever ate, was in a small restaurant in Trastevere in Rome. That holiday was years ago, but I never forgot about the pasta. Spaghetti cacio è pepe. Pecorino cheese, black pepper, olive oil and some butter were the only ingrediënts in this pasta and it tasted delicious. I will definitely try to recreate that recipe one day and share it on the blog, but today I have another simple pasta recipe for you. Low FODMAP truffle pasta with parmesan cheese. Or better said: pasta tartufo e parmigiano :)

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Asian salad

asian salad - karlijnskitchen.com

After the barbeque recipe for low FODMAP chicken satay that I shared with you last wednesday, I have another recipe for you that is perfect for an Asian themed BBQ. The base of this Asian salad is super simple, but the dressing with rice vinegar and sesame oil really gives it that Asian twist.

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Low FODMAP Chicken satay (peanut sauce)

low fodmap chicken satay - karlijnskitchen.com

Last week, I suddenly got the idea to do a barbeque in Asian style. In my opinion, Dutch barbeques are often pretty boring. Most barbeques that I went to in the past were always the same. The same standard choices: chicken kebabs, burgers, pork meat, bread with garlic butter and fruit salad. This is all good, but how much fun is it to do a barbeque with a specific theme? Like a country or a region. I love Asian food, so I  went for an Asian barbeque. The first dish that I made is a dish that is often served on Dutch barbeques too: low FODMAP chicken satay. Chicken satay is chicken kebabs served with a peanut sauce. In Holland, we feel like this dish is as Dutch as it can be, but in reality, it is Asian of course. A must-have on an Asian barbeque if you ask me! Later this week, I will share another BBQ recipe, so stay tuned!

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Travel diary Lille: On a road trip with Srprs.me and eating low FODMAP

low fodmap in lille - karlijnskitchen.com

A few weeks ago, I went on a Srprs.me trip with my sister Malu. Srprs.me is a Dutch travel concept where you book a trip without knowing where you are going beforehand. You arrive at the airport and there you can scratch open a card that will reveal your destination. Srprs.me books your flights and hotel for you. I read a lot about this concept on other blogs and heard enthusiastic stories from friends, so I decided that I wanted to give Malu a Srprs.me trip for her birthday. When I was looking at what options they offer, I found out that next to city trips, backpacking trips and even a low budget trip by plane, they also offer road trips. As a trip by plane for two persons was a bit above my budget, this was a perfect option!

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Low FODMAP Strawberry yoghurt popsicles

low fodmap aardbeien yoghurt ijsjes - karlijnskitchen.com

Ice cream is one of my favourite treats in the world. I enjoy eating ice cream SO much. Especially Italian ice cream or soft serve ice cream makes me very happy. I also love making healthier ice creams. In the past years, I used to make banana soft serve a lot, but as bananas have recently been retested to be only limited low FODMAP (especially ripe bananas), I had to think of another way to make healthy ice cream. I like this challenge because it forces me to be creative, so I am definitely going to experiment with different kinds of healthy ice cream this summer. We’ll kick off the summer recipes with low FODMAP strawberry yoghurt popsicles!

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Grilled Chicken Salad

grilled chicken salad - karlijnskitchen.com

There are periods that I have a chicken salad for lunch almost every day. I prepare the salad in the morning and take it with me to work. I think this is a great and simple way to eat a healthy lunch. But the problem is that I usually get sick of salad after a week. After I made this salad, I suddenly realised why. I almost never use special spices or a dressing for my salad. I only put pepper and salt on my chicken and I never use a dressing because I want to keep the salad healthy. Of course, this is stupid reasoning because I can also make a healthy dressing and I don’t have to drain my salad in dressing like some restaurants do. Now that I have made this grilled chicken salad with deliciously smoked paprika spices and a mayonnaise-yoghurt dressing, I fell back in love with salads and I know how easy it is to make them taste delicious!

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My favourite low FODMAP blogs

favoriete fodmap bloggers - karlijnskitchen.com

When I started my low FODMAP blog in 2014, there were not many people that shared low FODMAP recipes online. I am very happy to see that there are more and more low FODMAP blogs around nowadays. The number of people that has to follow this diet is growing and even though it is not nice that there are more people with IBS problems, it got easier to find low FODMAP recipes and tips and that is great for people following this diet. I thought it would be nice to share my favourite low FODMAP blogs and websites in today’s blog!

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