Blue Cheese Steak Salad (low FODMAP, gluten-free)

Blue cheese steak salad -

As a recent ex-student, I usually cook my meals with low budget products. I use a lot of chicken, rather choose smoked salmon than fresh one and I buy cheap salad cheese from a supermarket brand instead of real feta, like a real (ex)student would do. Today I did something totally different and I went for a royal meal: Blue cheese steak salad!

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Low FODMAP Gazpacho (gluten-free, lactose-free)

Low FODMAP gazpacho -

Despite the disappointing summer weather in the Netherlands during the first month of summer, I notice that I feel like eating light summer recipes more and more these days. Summer food is just soo good! Light salads, ice cream, barbeque, loads of fresh fruit, banana ice cream ánd cold soup. Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup and while that sounds a bit strange, it tastes very good in summer. Low FODMAP gazpacho is very simple to make. You really don’t need to adapt the original recipe that much to make a low FODMAP gazpacho.

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Lemon mousse with lemon curd (FODMAP, gluten-free, lactose-free)

Lemon mousse with lemon curd -

Today is a good day, I am still working today, but tonight I am going on holiday to Italy  ánd I have a scrumptious dessert recipe for you (sorry I just LOVE that word)! In the next two weeks, there will be recipes on my blog as you are used to because I worked ahead. So you can get still get to see three new recipes a week when I am away :) The dessert I am so enthusiastic about is a delicious recipe for a lemon mousse with lemon curd. I shared the basic recipe for lemon curd last week and now I made a yummy dessert with it. A light lemon mousse made with lactose-free whip cream and lemon curd and a crumble layer of gluten-free cookies.

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Review: Gluten-free cookies and savoury snacks by Mrs Crimbles

Mrs Crimbles -

At the Free From Food Expo in Amsterdam, I got to know the brand Mrs Crimbles. There were many gluten-free brands at the expo and of most of them I had never heard before. Many of them were (not yet) available in the Netherlands, but I was very happy to hear that Mrs Crimbles can be found in the Dutch Albert Heijn (supermarket) because a part of Mrs Crimbles’ products is also low FODMAP!

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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd -

When I think about lemon curd, I think about Britain. The Great British Bake Off, high tea’s with people with beautiful British accents and scones with clotted cream. The name alone already sounds British to my ears.

Lemon curd is a thick creamy spread that is made by heating eggs, sugar and lemon juice. At the end, usually, butter is added to make it even more creamy. Lemon curd is naturally gluten-free and low FODMAP so that is perfect :)

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Rice Noodles with Crunchy Sesame Tempeh

Rice noodles with crunchy sesame tempeh -

I already told you before about my hate-love relationship with tempeh. Or better said, about my hate for tempeh that turned into love. Tempeh is a special product, it can be very boring and tasteless, but if you marinate it well it can also be very good. I made a recipe with crunchy sesame tempeh. I marinated the tempeh in a sauce of soy sauce, olive oil, vinegar, a bit of maple syrup and sesame seeds. Then I baked the tempeh in the oven for half an hour and this gets you perfectly crunchy tempeh. 

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Review: Delicious Alchemy Brownies (FODMAP, gluten-free)

Delicious Alchemy Brownies -

Today I have a slightly different post for you than a normal recipe. I want to review a product for you! Because your choice of products from the supermarket is slightly more limited when you eat low FODMAP or gluten-free I thought it would be review new products that I have tried on the blog now and then. In this way, we can help each other to discover more low FODMAP products! If you have specific products that you would like to see on my blog or if you have tried products yourself, please let me know in the comments! Today I review the brownie mix by Delicious Alchemy. 

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Baba Ganoush (also low FODMAP)

Baba ganoush -

Ohhh this is so good! Baba Ganoush is a recipe from the Middle East and it is often eaten in for example Syria, Libanon and Israel, but also in Turkey and Greece. It’s super simple to make and the soft creamy taste of the eggplant combined with the tahini is delicious. It’s especially good as a dip when you are having drinks with some veggies or bread to dip with or as a starter. I made it into a main course for myself by mixing it with rice and minced meat (maybe not the ideal way to combine it, but I loved it). 

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Taco salad with smoked chicken (low FODMAP, gluten-free)

Taco salade -

Do you recognise this situation? You want to eat stuffed taco’s, but while you are trying to fill them your tacos spontaneously decide to fall apart! I had this problem yesterday. I wanted to present you with two beautifully stuffed taco’s with lettuce and my chicken-cucumber-pepper-cream cheese mixture, but my tacos had different plans. They both crumbled in my hands, so frustrating! That’s why I made my meal into a taco salad.

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