Gluten-free simit – Turkish sesame bread (low FODMAP)

gluten-free simit (turkish bagel) -

If you have been following me for a longer time, you might know that I am crazy about Turkey and about Turkish food. Since I studied there for 9 months in 2012, I am in love with Turkish food. If I had to name one thing that I have missed most since I eat low FODMAP, it definitely is Turkish food. Luckily there are many dishes that can be made low FODMAP, but I would love to be able to walk into a Turkish restaurant and order everything on the menu that I like without having to think about it. Simit, a Turkish ring-shaped bread that resembles a bagel, is one of those Turkish things that I love so much. In Istanbul you see street vendors selling simit on every corner. Today I share my recipe for gluten-free simit. Oh, it was so good to have this again!

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Low FODMAP Muhammara

low fodmap muhammara -

After my successful experiment to make a low FODMAP roasted red pepper dip, I have a delicious variation on this recipe for you today. Low FODMAP muhammara! I saw it coming by on Pinterest several times and it sounded delicious, so I decided to make a low FODMAP version of it. Muhammara is a roasted red pepper dip from Syria with walnuts and pomegranate syrup. Different from the normal roasted red pepper dip because it has a very unique flavour, but just as good as a party snack or as a low FODMAP sandwich topping. You should really try this!

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Low FODMAP Red Velvet Cupcakes

low fodmap red velvet cupcakes -

If there is one thing that is perfect for Valentine’s day, it is red velvet cupcakes. With their red colour, they are perfect for that day. Red velvet cupcakes or cake are one of my favourite kinds of cake. The soft gooey cake with the cream cheese frosting, so so good! A few months ago, I ate a delicious gluten-free red velvet cupcake London and today I am sharing a recipe to make your own low FODMAP red velvet cupcakes!

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Why gluten-free isn’t always low FODMAP and vice versa!

why gluten-free isn't always low FODMAP -

The low FODMAP diet is not a gluten-free diet. If you have IBS and you follow the low FODMAP diet, it doesn’t mean you don’t tolerate gluten (unless you have been tested and found that you have a gluten-intolerance or celiac disease). People often think that the low FODMAP diet is a gluten-free diet because the low FODMAP diet eliminates a lot of food from your diet that also contains gluten.

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Gnocchi with sausage, spinach and goat cheese

gnocchi with sausage, spinach and goat cheese -

Gnocchi will always be a dish that you can wake me up for in the night. It is easy to make, it gives you that comfort food feeling and it is just very tasty. I bought my first cast-iron skillet some time ago and I couldn’t wait to start using it. The first dish that I made with it was this gnocchi with sausage, spinach and goat cheese.

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