Strawberry buckwheat muffins

strawberry buckwheat muffins -

I have been following the low FODMAP diet a bit more strictly since a few weeks. I went to see a dietician again because I felt like my complaints were too severe for the past months and I wanted to go back to basics. Just be a bit more strict for a while to get my IBS under control again. I added too many “limited low FODMAP foods” into my diet little by little and that didn’t go well. I was having some difficulties to come up with a healthy snack and I had loooots of buckwheat flour in my pantry (I always buy a bag when I am in the store and forget that I still have it at home), so I made fresh strawberry buckwheat muffins with yoghurt!

Buckwheat has a particular taste that you have to like, but the strawberries and the banana make the muffins nice and sweet, so I think they taste very nice!

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10 Freezer friendly low FODMAP snacks

Healthy pumpkin cake -

From some recent questions from blog readers, I realized that there are a lot of people who have a hard time coming up with low FODMAP snacks. I must say, I even struggle sometimes with thinking of snacks to bring to work for in between meals. I already shared ideas for low FODMAP snacks with you in an older blog post, which you can read here, but you can never get enough inspiration. Therefore, I wanted to share a blog with 10 freezer friendly low FODMAP snacks. All of those are healthy snacks that you can bake yourself, for example, banana bread or healthy muffins. The good thing is that you only have to make time to bake a snack once, for example on a Sunday, you pop the snacks into the freezer and then you’ll have a healthy low FODMAP snack for the entire week.

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Low FODMAP Mussels in white wine sauce

low FODMAP mussels in white wine sauce -

I saw that the mussels were discounted and then I suddenly realised that it was mussel season! We used to eat mussels quite often when I was little. Most young kids were horrified by the thought of eating mussels and fish, but my sister and I loved it. My parents would have dinner nights where they would eat mussels with friends and they always planned that we would eat something before and go to bed early, so they could have an evening with their friends. But when I was about six years old I was already begging my parents to stay up late, so I could eat mussels with them. I realised this week that I didn’t eat mussels for a long time and that I never even prepared them myself. That had to change, so today I have a recipe for low FODMAP mussels in white wine sauce for you!

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Low FODMAP What I eat in a day #1

low fodmap eetdagboek 1 -

Sharing a low FODMAP “What I eat in a day” with you has been on my to-blog list for ages. I always love reading and watching other people’s food diaries and I think that a low FODMAP food diary can give some inspiration to other people following the low FODMAP diet. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of my food. I am working full-time during the week and I didn’t feel like taking pictures at work all the time, but in the end, I managed. My very first low FODMAP food diary is here!

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Turkish eggplant salad (yoğurtlu patlıcan salatası)

turkish eggplant salad - patlican salatasi -

A few weeks ago I had a barbeque with my dear Turkish friend Büşra. She made a side dish that used to be one of my favourite things to eat in Turkey, but that I actually had forgotten about a little bit. Yoğurtlu patlıcan salatası or in English: Turkish eggplant salad. A salad made of roasted eggplant with yoghurt and olive oil. It is very simple to make. You just have to wait a bit, while the eggplants are grilling in the oven. The eggplant dip makes a perfect side dish for a barbeque, but it is also great for lunch on bread or as a snack to dip in with some bread or vegetables. It doesn’t look too great, but believe me, it is super tasty!

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Hotspots, to do’s and low FODMAP food tips on Krk, Croatia

hotspots, to do's en low FODMAP eettips op krk, kroatie -

In the beginning of July, I visited Krk in Croatia for a long weekend with my boyfriend Matic. I thought it would be nice to share my hotspots, to do’s and of course low FODMAP food tips on Krk with you in a little travel guide! Would you like to see blogs like these on my blog more often?

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Low FODMAP S’Mores bars (gluten-free)

s'mores bars -

Even though I have never been to America, I try to keep up with American food trends. And since I read blogs and use Pinterest that is quite easy to do. It is funny to see how things that are popular in America become popular in the Netherlands a year or so later too. S’Mores are things that I have never eaten in their original form (I know right!), but I know that they have been crazily popular for years and I really wanted to make a recipe with them. It is thé time of the year for s’mores and I love marshmallows, so I think this is going to be a winner for me. For a barbeque with friends at my place, I made these low FODMAP S’Mores bars. And oh man, this really is the perfect BBQ dessert!

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Shrimp spring roll bowl with cilantro and mint

shrimp spring roll bowl -

Since I ate spring rolls a few times in the past weeks at the new food market in my town, I fell in love with them again. The combination of fresh herbs, lots of vegetables and shrimps in a spring roll and that dipped in fish sauce is something I think tastes amazing. I just hate making spring rolls myself. I find dipping the sheets in water and rolling them such a hassle and that is why I hardly ever make them. BUT I have found the perfect solution for this! I made a shrimp spring roll bowl with cilantro and mint! All the good of a spring roll, in a bowl, without hassle. And man, this is SO GOOD!

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Snickers oatmeal

snickers oatmeal -

Of all recipes, breakfast recipes might be my favourite recipes to make. You can put something delicious on the table in only a few minutes. For me, a breakfast recipe is a success when I am already looking forward to it when I go to bed and I don’t even need that much for that, hehe. Sweet recipes always do well for me. Whether they are with peanut butter, fruit, chocolate or a combination of those. I once tried to eat only savoury breakfasts for a week and that wasn’t a success. I like having a savoury breakfast now and then, but definitely not every day. I am more of a sweet person in the morning. Today’s recipe for snickers oatmeal is my dream breakfast. Chocolate, peanuts and peanut butter. I don’t think there is any other combination that you can make me happier with. Perfection in a bowl!

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