10 Pumpkin Recipes that you should try this autumn

pumpkin recipes - karlijnskitchen.com

Pumpkin! I can’t get enough of it in this season. I have already shared several pumpkin recipes with you in October and last year I published several recipes too. I thought it would be nice to group a collection of my pumpkin recipes together for you, so you can find them easily.

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Black Rice Pudding

black rice pudding - karlijnskitchen.com

When I posted a picture of this recipe on Instagram, I got a few comments that said: ohh Karlijn, what is this? It looks like a brownie! Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you because this isn’t a brownie, it is a black rice pudding. BUT there is cacao in it and because of that it tastes very chocolatey so, therefore, you could say it is a black rice pudding that tastes like a brownie. That’s a good compromise, isn’t it?

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Vegan sandwich with homemade baba ganoush

vegan sandwich - karlijnskitchen.com

On one of the last days of my vegan challenge, I was craving a sandwich. It just took me some time to think about something to put on my sandwich. Usually when I make a sandwich, I put smoked salmon, cheese with tomato or lactose-free cream cheese on top of it, but of course, that wasn’t possible. A search on Pinterest gave me a lot of inspiration for a vegan sandwich, but unfortunately, most options were not low FODMAP. You often see sandwiches with hummus, avocado or spreads or burgers made with beans and even though I love these options, they are not low FODMAP. Luckily I came up with a very tasty vegan sandwich. A sandwich with my low FODMAP baba ganoush, a recipe that I published on my blog last year.

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Vegan sesame tempeh soba noodles

vegan sesame tempeh soba noodles - karlijnskitchen.com

Today I have a very simple vegan recipe for you. For those days that you come home from work tired, don’t feel like cooking, but want to eat something healthy anyway.  Sesame tempeh soba noodles are perfect for that! The only preparation you have to do is putting the tempeh in a marinade the night before. The next day your dinner will be on the table in 20 minutes!

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My vegan challenge – Eating low FODMAP vegan for a week

vegan challenge - karlijnskitchen.com

Last week I ate vegan for a week. Not because I am planning to switch to eating vegan completely, but just to try what eating vegan is like. Accidently my vegan week turned out to be at exactly the same time as the vegan challenge that runs through October in the Netherlands. In this month people challenge themselves to eat vegan for a the entire month. I didn’t realize this when I came up with the idea of eating vegan for a week, but my vegan challenge was in the right month apparently ;)

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Pumpkin Pancakes

pumpkin pancakes - karlijnskitchen.com

Pancakes pancakes pancakes! I forgot how much I loved them this summer, but now it totally is time for pancakes again. It is autumn, it is cold (am I the only one who is wearing a winter coat and gloves already?), so it is time for warm breakfast. I had some pumpkin puree left and with that, I made these pumpkin pancakes. With a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Super autumny (is that a word) and so so good!

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