Low FODMAP pecan pie

low fodmap pecan pie - karlijnskitchen.com

Another American pie recipe! I probably wanted to try this recipe even more than the pumpkin pie recipe. I love pecans and I already made pecan bars last year, and they were very good, but this year it was time for a low FODMAP pecan pie! And I can tell you, it is worth making!

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Crunchy roasted potatoes

crunchy roasted potatoes - karlijnskitchen.com

I have been looking for the perfect crunchy roasted potatoes for a while now. I love oven-baked potatoes, but they never turn out exactly how I want. They have been baked too short and are still hard on the inside or they have baked slightly too long and the edges are burned. That’s why I decided it was time to create the perfect crunchy roasted potatoes that will never go wrong and I managed! Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and well spiced. Yum yum!

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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #5 – November

low fodmap weekly meal plan 5 - karlijnskitchen.com

For this week’s weekly meal plan I dove deep into the Karlijn’s Kitchen archives to dig up some old recipes for you. Recipes that most people probably do not find on the blog because they have been pushed away by the newer content, but they are very tasty recipes! This was the time that I still took the pictures for my blog with my mobile phone, so please ignore the horrible pictures :)

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Low FODMAP pumpkin pie

low FODMAP pumpkin pie - karlijnskitchen.com

This year, I celebrate Thanksgiving! Or at least: I had a Thanksgiving dinner. I have a group of friends who I see once in a while and then we always cook together. We pick a country and cook recipes from that country. We are all crazy about food, so the result of those evenings always is that we make way too much, we eat and talk a lot and that we are so full that we can roll home (as we say in Dutch). I love it! This month we had a dinner with the theme Thanksgiving. We had our dinner a few weeks before Thanksgiving because that was more convenient, but that didn’t make it less fun. I am always very happy when I have such as dinner because it is a perfect excuse to make some recipes for Karlijn’s Kitchen and to share it with other people. This year I really wanted to make a low FODMAP pumpkin pie and a low FODMAP pecan pie and I find it a shame if I cannot share it with other people.

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Healthy pumpkin spice crumble

healthy pumpkin spice crumble - karlijnskitchen.com

Give me something with pumpkin spice or the traditional Dutch speculaas this season and I am happy. The spicy flavour of speculaas just makes everything better. And because I don’t want to eat only speculaas chunks and kruidnoten this season (Dutch treats that you should definitely give a try!), I am also making healthy recipes with pumpkin spice and this healthy pumpkin spice crumble is an example of that. Such a delicious breakfast!

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Low FODMAP food diary #7 – What Patricia eats in a day

low fodmap food diary Patricia - karlijnskitchen.com

It’s tradition now on the blog: every other Sunday a food diary. Today Patricia’s low FODMAP food diary! For 2018 I am still looking for people who would like to share their low FODMAP food diary on Karlijn’s Kitchen. If you are interested please let me know by sending an e-mail to karlijn@karlijnkitchen.com. Because I love sharing your food diaries and seeing what you eat during a day!

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Weekend getaway: Low FODMAP hotspots in Middelburg

low FODMAP hotspots in zeeland - karlijnskitchen.com

Two weeks ago, I had a few days off and I made a trip to Zeeland with my boyfriend Matic. He has been studying and living in the Netherlands with me for almost two months now and he still hasn’t seen a lot of places in Holland. Zeeland is one of our provinces that is next to the sea and it’s really beautiful, so I wanted to take him there. We used to camp in the region of Middelburg quite often when I was a child, but I haven’t been there in the last 10 years. It thought it would be nice to go back there, so we booked a hotel in Middelburg. In today’s blog, I share a small photo diary of the trip and the low FODMAP hotspots that we found during our trip!

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Low budget: Carrot soup with ginger and coconut milk

carrot soup with ginger and coconut milk - karlijnskitchen.com

A few weeks ago I was sick and then I cooked this soup for dinner. I was eating vegan for a few days and I really wanted a soup with only healthy ingredients. And that is this carrot soup with ginger and coconut milk for sure. The soup only has a few ingredients: carrot, ginger, coconut milk and stock. Low budget, super simple to make, but very tasty!

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