Gluten-free Snickers cheesecake

Glutenvrije snickers cheesecake -

Today I have a recipe for a gluten-free Snickers cheesecake for you! And I know you are probably thinking right now “uhm Karlijn, Snickers are not low FODMAP!” That’s true because Snickers contain lactose. But I write this blog in collaboration with LactoJoy and with the pills from LactoJoy you CAN enjoy this cheesecake!

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Low FODMAP Oreo brownies

low FODMAP oreo brownies -

When I find gluten-free brownies on the menu in a coffee place or restaurant I am one happy girl. And that seems to be the case a lot more often lately. I think because brownies are so easy to make gluten-free. And then I do mean real gluten-free brownies. No semi-healthy gluten-free brownies with dates, sweet potatoes and other high FODMAP ingredients. I mean a gooey sugar bomb with a rich chocolate flavour. Sometimes you just need that! For a while now, my supermarket has been selling gluten-free (and low FODMAP) Oreos and I couldn’t wait to make low FODMAP Oreo brownies with them. I finally got around to making them and they are PERFECT. If I may say so.

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Low FODMAP chocolate donuts

low FODMAP chocolate donuts -

Making donuts has been on my to-bake list for só long! But making traditional donuts and deep-frying them was something that I was a bit afraid of. So, I bought a donut pan for the oven a while ago. With this pan, you can make cake donuts, so they won’t taste the same as traditional donuts. But they are super fun to make and tasty. I gave this donut pan as a present to my best friend Steffie too. Baking is our shared passion and we have been baking cookies and cakes together since we were 12 years old. This donut pan was a good excuse to meet up and bake together again. We made non-low FODMAP key lime donuts and low FODMAP chocolate donuts.

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Low FODMAP goulash soup

low FODMAP goulash soup -

Goulash soup is a delicious winter recipe. Hearty, filling and super tasty. Amazing to eat on a cold day. Normally goulash soup contains quite a lot of onion, but of course, I left that out in the low FODMAP version. You can add some of the green parts of the spring onion for an onion flavour, but I didn’t do that and I didn’t miss it at all. Often there are also potato cubes added to goulash soup. I am not a fan of that, so I left this out too. But if you like, you can add 150 g of potato cubes to the soup at the end (when you also add the green beans).

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Low FODMAP chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

low FODMAP chocolate cake -

This year, I decided to take the time to share a Valentine’s recipe with you. In the years before I always realised it was going to be Valentine’s day only a few days in advance and then it was too late to still make a recipe. Probably because we never really celebrate Valentine’s day. This year I made a delicious low FODMAP chocolate cake with chocolate frosting to share with my BF, but also with my family in law who we visited for a week this week. My sister in law had her birthday a few weeks ago, so it was belated birthday cake too :)

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Low FODMAP burger salad

low FODMAP burger salad -

If you have read my FIT FODMAP challenge update, you might know that I have been eating fewer carbs lately because I notice that my stomach reacts badly when I eat a lot of carbs. A few weeks ago I made a delicious low FODMAP burger salad. Everything that you normally find on a burger in a salad instead of on a bun. It was SO tasty! You have all the great flavours of a burger, but the meal is way lighter. And this recipe is also low budget!

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Eating low FODMAP on a budget

low FODMAP pita pizza with grilled veggies -

A complaint that I often hear from people who start eating low FODMAP is that food became so much more expensive. When you eat low FODMAP, you sometimes have to buy products that are more expensive, such as lactose-free dairy products, gluten-free products and other dietary foods. Next to that, you suddenly have to make everything from scratch and you can’t quickly make a meal with ready-made foods. But despite all this, eating low FODMAP doesn’t have to be expensive. In this blog, I share the things I do to eat low FODMAP on a budget.

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