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The content of this website is under the copyright of karlijnskitchen.com. The content and pictures are made by myself unless stated otherwise. Using or misusing my content or photo’s is legally forbidden. It is only allowed to use my photo’s if you put a clear link to karlijnskitchen.com with them and if you have asked for permission beforehand.

Although I put together the content on Karlijn’s Kitchen carefully it is possible that the information published at karlijnskitchen.com is incomplete or incorrect. No rights can be derived from the information published at karlijnskitchen.com

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When you use karlijnskitchen.com, Karlijn’s Kitchen or third parties can collect information about your use of this website using cookies.

A cookie is a small file that is sent with the pages of a website, which is saved on the hard disc of your computer by your browser. The cookie allows the browser to be recognised when you visit a website repeatedly. Cookies do not know your name, address and age. They only remember your preferences and interests based on your surfing behaviour.

Cookies are collected for several uses:

  • Functional use: to make navigating my website easier. When you always read my blog posts in English for example, your browser will automatically show the English version of my site instead of the Dutch site. This is because of the cookies that remember your preferences.
  • For analytical use: to analyse the usage of my website. For example, which pages and posts are visited most. With this information, I can continue to improve my blog.
  • For commercial use: to track if you saw a certain advertisement or clicked on a certain link. Currently, this is done with affiliate links and advertisements on my website. You can read more about affiliate links below.

By using my website and reading my blog posts you agree to the placement of these cookies.

Affiliate Links

I am part of several affiliate programs.  This means that I sometimes put links to products that I talk about in a blog post. When a visitor clicks on such a link, you go to the referred website via a special affiliate link. When the visitor then buys something at that website I will get a small percentage of the final sale.

I do this because I usually link to these websites too when I write about a product. In this way, I can earn a little with this and spend a bit more on my expensive FODMAP groceries to make new recipes ;) I only write about products that I use myself, am enthusiastic about and believe that can be of value for you too. I find it very important to be transparent to you and therefore I will always let you know when I use an affiliate link.

You don’t have to be afraid that you pay more when you click on an affiliate link because the prices will stay the same. I only link to web shops that I use myself for buying products online.

Thank you for your understanding! 



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