Work with me

Karlijn’s Kitchen is my personal food blog dedicated to helping people with food intolerances to continue to enjoy eating and cooking. I eat low FODMAP, lactose-free and mostly gluten-free myself and I share recipes for people with similar intolerances and allergies. Next to food, Karlijn’s Kitchen is also a place where I write about travelling, lifestyle and personal development.

Reach & audience

Karlijn’s Kitchen is visited monthly by 20.000 unique visitors who visit 60.000 pages together. The largest part of my visitors is female (90%) and follows the low FODMAP diet. This is a diet developed for people with IBS to diminish their complaints (see this blog for more information). A large part of my readers also eats gluten-free or lactose-free.


Karlijn’s Kitchen is open for collaboration with brands and companies. A collaboration can be in the form of, for example, a sponsored recipe, a product review or a giveaway. If you have another suggestion or idea, I am always willing to discuss the possibilities. For more information or questions, you can contact me through You can also request my media kit for more information about my blog and audience.

Do you want to send me a package? You can send an e-mail to to request my postal address.

Also if you want more information about the low FODMAP diet or want to know whether your products are suitable for people who are on the low FODMAP diet, you can contact me by email.

I only work together with brands and companies that fit my blog and audience and I will always tell my readers when a blog is sponsored. I don’t do link exchanges for link building and I, therefore, won’t reply to emails about link exchanges.