Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #6

low fodmap weekly meal plan - karlijnskitchen.com

While I am writing this, it is raining outside, it is cold and windy and it got dark at four already. That means that the dark days have begun and in a way, I love that! I am going to put up the Christmas tree this week and make my house cosy with a lot of fairy lights. And then I will snuggle on the couch under a blanket with a warm bowl of food. Ahh. The recipes in this weekly meal plan are a mixture of comfy and healthy, a good balance!

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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #5 – November

low fodmap weekly meal plan 5 - karlijnskitchen.com

For this week’s weekly meal plan I dove deep into the Karlijn’s Kitchen archives to dig up some old recipes for you. Recipes that most people probably do not find on the blog because they have been pushed away by the newer content, but they are very tasty recipes! This was the time that I still took the pictures for my blog with my mobile phone, so please ignore the horrible pictures :)

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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #4 – October

low fodmap weekly meal plan #4 - karlijnskitchen.com

I can’t believe that October is over already. It’s crazy how time flies. I have just finished making my planning for the Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday), Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes and I am ready to start cooking for the festive season. The next few weeks I will keep the meals that I eat simple and I try to focus on healthy eating. I would like to lose a few kilos and I know how difficult I always find the month of December. Now I still have a relatively calm period and I can cook delicious and healthy meals. Therefore, this week a week with healthy recipes!

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Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #3 – October

low FODMAP weekly meal plan 3 - karlijnskitchen.com

It is Sunday again and that means: time for another weekly meal plan! Autumn has officially started and that means I can go crazy with pumpkin recipes again. I am definitely going to experiment with new pumpkin recipes in the next weeks, but I also have several very good pumpkin recipes on my blog already. So this meal plan contains some of these recipes! Are you just as crazy about pumpkin as I am or don’t you like it so much? Next to pumpkin recipes, this autumn will be all about curries and casseroles. Mmm, I really love this season!  Read more

Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #2 – September

low FODMAP weekly meal plan 2 - 18 - 22 september - karlijnskitchen.com

This week is the official start of autumn, but if you ask me, it already started last week. When I got drenched in a rain shower and almost blew off my bike because of the storm. When I wondered whether I should start wearing my winter jacket because I was so cold. And when I turned on the heating at home for the first time. Jup, that really is autumn. On the one hand I hate it, but on the other hand, it is good because I love autumn food and the cosiness of being at home, putting on some candles and sitting on the couch under a blanket. The low FODMAP weekly meal plan for this week has warm soups, recipes with pumpkin and casseroles. Autumn food! Read more

Low FODMAP weekly meal plan #1 – September

low FODMAP weekly meal plan 1 - 4 till 8 september - karlijnskitchen.com

Another new kind of blog today! I have been experimenting a lot with new categories on my blog lately. In the last few weeks, you have seen “what I eat in a day“, the new categories “fast & easy” and “low budget” and today I am adding a weekly meal plan! All ideas that I got from you guys and I really want to implement them into my blog. I know many people are looking for inspiration for dinner and that is where I got the idea for a low FODMAP weekly meal plan.  Read more