Low FODMAP What I eat in a day #1

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Sharing a low FODMAP “What I eat in a day” with you has been on my to-blog list for ages. I always love reading and watching other people’s food diaries and I think that a low FODMAP food diary can give some inspiration to other people following the low FODMAP diet. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of my food. I am working full-time during the week and I didn’t feel like taking pictures at work all the time, but in the end, I managed. My very first low FODMAP food diary is here!

A few side notes:  I am not a dietician or nutritionist, I eat what I think is good. I have built up quite some knowledge about a healthy lifestyle over the years, but I don’t feel like I am in the position to tell people how to eat and next to that, I don’t eat perfectly “healthy” myself either. Far from that actually, I am unhappy with the amounts of food that I eat and the things that I eat on a regular basis and I sometimes struggle with that a lot. I am a “snacker” and you will see that in my food diary too. I find it important to give you a realistic view on how I eat and I want to show that I do not always follow the rules perfectly. I am human too and sometimes I eat things that I better couldn’t have eaten ;) I advise you not to copy my food diary completely, but just to use it as an inspiration.

Breakfast – 6.45

I start working at 8.00 every day and I love to have a little moment for myself during breakfast in the morning. Since a few weeks,  I am crazy about the gluten-free chocolate granola by Sam Mills that my local supermarket started to sell. It is not super healthy, but só good! This is the first time that I found low FODMAP breakfast cereals that I love. I eat the granola with 200 ml lactose-free yoghurt and some strawberries. After breakfast, I secretly take another handful of granola from the package (I told you, I am a snacker). I drink water with my breakfast.

what i eat in a day low fodmap food diary - karlijnskitchen.com

Snack – 10.00

At work, I always drink a lot of water and also coffee. In the morning I have two black coffees with two pieces of chocolate from Awesome chocolate. I discovered this yesterday at my supermarket. A macadamia nut covered in milk chocolate. So good! (because these macadamias contain milk chocolate, I limit my intake)

what i eat in a day low fodmap food diary - karlijnskitchen.com

Lunch – 12.00

At noon it is time for lunch. At my work, we have catering ladies who prepare lunch for us, but because I am often tempted to eat too much and to eat things that are not low FODMAP, I regularly bring my own lunch. Today I have cooked millet with cucumber, a tomato, olives, feta and pepper and salt.

low fodmap what i eat in a day low fodmap food diary - karlijnskitchen.com

Snack – 15.00

In the afternoon, I have another cup of coffee and more water. For a snack, I brought a homemade buckwheat muffin with strawberries. A tasty and healthy snack. I will share the recipe for the muffins on the blog next week.

strawberry buckwheat muffins - karlijnskitchen.com

Dinner – 18.30

When I come home from work, I go for a short run. I started running again, after a very long break and I am following a schedule to run 5K again. According to my schedule, I do 10 minutes of running, 5 minutes of walking and another 10 minutes of running. When I am back and have showered I start preparing dinner. For the e-book with low FODMAP dinner recipes that I am making, I make nachos with pulled chicken. Not a super healthy recipe, but it is super tasty! On the picture, you see a portion for two persons. I ate half of it.

While cooking I already snack on some nacho chips.

low fodmap what i eat in a day low fodmap food diary - karlijnskitchen.com


After the nachos I am quite full, so I don’t need to eat anything anymore for the rest of the evening. I just have a few glasses of water and a glass of coke zero.

This was my food diary! Would you like to see a “What I eat in a day” more often? 

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