Gluten-free simit – Turkish sesame bread (low FODMAP)

gluten-free simit (turkish bagel) -

If you have been following me for a longer time, you might know that I am crazy about Turkey and about Turkish food. Since I studied there for 9 months in 2012, I am in love with Turkish food. If I had to name one thing that I have missed most since I eat low FODMAP, it definitely is Turkish food. Luckily there are many dishes that can be made low FODMAP, but I would love to be able to walk into a Turkish restaurant and order everything on the menu that I like without having to think about it. Simit, a Turkish ring-shaped bread that resembles a bagel, is one of those Turkish things that I love so much. In Istanbul you see street vendors selling simit on every corner. Today I share my recipe for gluten-free simit. Oh, it was so good to have this again!

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Gluten-free Dutch Christmas Bread

gluten-free Dutch Christmas bread -

Today I have a very traditional Dutch Christmas recipe for you. A gluten-free Dutch Christmas Bread! Dutch Christmas bread is a bread stuffed with currants, raisins, nuts and, most importantly, almond paste. This is a paste made of ground almonds and sugar. We eat this bread with Christmas and Easter (but then we call it Easter bread, how original) and Dutch people are crazy about it. Especially when it is still a bit warm with a thick layer of butter and powdered sugar.

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Soft pretzels (low FODMAP, gluten-free + version with gluten)

Gluten-free soft pretzels -

Right after I finished my high school exams, six years ago, I went on my first ever holiday without my parents. My best friend Steffie and I went on a city trip to London for five days where we enjoyed ourselves with lots of shopping, eating in restaurants and going to Starbucks. One of the things I never forgot were the soft pretzels we ate in the Westfield mall in London. It was the first time we ate something like that and we both loved them. When we came back to London two years later we went back to the food stall in Westfield, because we had to eat the pretzels again. They were soo good! Two weeks ago we finally got together to bake our own pretzels and with success! Today I proudly present two pretzel recipes to you: gluten-free soft pretzels ánd soft pretzels with gluten!

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Yoghurt bread rolls

yoghurt bread rolls -

The yoghurt bread rolls (or quark bread rolls) by Rosa and Jenny from Personal Body Plan have been on my ‘to make’ list for quite a while. Healthy light bread rolls that are perfect as a snack. To make the recipe FODMAP proof I used fewer raisins and spelt flour instead of normal flour. Because of the darker colour of the spelt flour, the bread rolls look exactly like ‘oliebollen’! (Dutch treats that we eat on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day).

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Making sourdough spelt bread with a sourdough starter

Sourdough spelt bread -

I have wanted to make my own sourdough bread for ages, but the long process to make a sourdough starter kept me from it. When I found a simply explained recipe at I decided to try it. I was a bit sceptical about the chance of success at the first try, but I managed to do it! After a process of a week,  I had a yummy sourdough spelt bread!

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