Low FODMAP pumpkin spiced breakfast cake

low fodmap pumpkin spiced breakfast cake - karlijnskitchen.com

I have always been crazy about our Dutch “ontbijtkoek”. It is a breakfast cake with spices that are very similar to pumpkin spice. We prefer to eat it with a thick layer of butter on it next to a cup of coffee. The original version has a lot of sugar, but I created a low FODMAP pumpkin spiced breakfast cake with less sugar.

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Strawberry buckwheat muffins

strawberry buckwheat muffins - karlijnskitchen.com

I have been following the low FODMAP diet a bit more strictly since a few weeks. I went to see a dietician again because I felt like my complaints were too severe for the past months and I wanted to go back to basics. Just be a bit more strict for a while to get my IBS under control again. I added too many “limited low FODMAP foods” into my diet little by little and that didn’t go well. I was having some difficulties to come up with a healthy snack and I had loooots of buckwheat flour in my pantry (I always buy a bag when I am in the store and forget that I still have it at home), so I made fresh strawberry buckwheat muffins with yoghurt!

Buckwheat has a particular taste that you have to like, but the strawberries and the banana make the muffins nice and sweet, so I think they taste very nice!

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10 Freezer friendly low FODMAP snacks

Healthy pumpkin cake - Karlijnskitchen.com

From some recent questions from blog readers, I realized that there are a lot of people who have a hard time coming up with low FODMAP snacks. I must say, I even struggle sometimes with thinking of snacks to bring to work for in between meals. I already shared ideas for low FODMAP snacks with you in an older blog post, which you can read here, but you can never get enough inspiration. Therefore, I wanted to share a blog with 10 freezer friendly low FODMAP snacks. All of those are healthy snacks that you can bake yourself, for example, banana bread or healthy muffins. The good thing is that you only have to make time to bake a snack once, for example on a Sunday, you pop the snacks into the freezer and then you’ll have a healthy low FODMAP snack for the entire week.

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Low FODMAP Carrot Cake Banana Bread (gluten-free and lactose-free)

low FODMAP carrot cake banana bread - karlijnskitchen.com

Normally, I am thinking about which recipes to publish on my blog long before a holiday arrives. But this week, I suddenly realised that it is Kingsday next week and that I didn’t think of a recipe to share yet. Kingsday is a national holiday in the Netherlands where we celebrate the birthday of our King. Traditionally everything is orange on this day. Last year, I already shared the ultimate Kingsday recipe with you, the Dutch tompouce, but I did want to make a recipe with an orange vibe for this year too. And that recipe is this low FODMAP carrot cake banana bread!

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Low FODMAP Fererro Rocher Energy Balls

A few weeks ago I shared this recipe for a healthier homemade Nutella with you and in today’s recipe, I made a snack with the Nutella. Low FODMAP Ferrero Rocher. Healthy Ferrero Rocher energy balls! They are super simple to make. You only need the low FODMAP Nutella, some oat flour (ground oats), crushed nuts and then you have delicious energy balls. Lots of nuts, cacao and little sugar.

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Low FODMAP Banana oat cookies

banana oat cookies - karlijnskitchen.com

I am crazy about simple breakfast and about breakfasts with oats. When I saw these simple banana oat cookies on Lauren’s blog laurenrenlund.com, I had to try them. You should really check out Lauren’s blog if you don’t know her yet. She is a dietitian and follows the low FODMAP diet herself. She shares delicious recipes and super useful information about how you can diminish your IBS complaints, so it is a lovely blog to follow.

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Low FODMAP Banana Bread

low fodmap banana bread - karlijnskitchen.com

Last week I made the best low FODMAP banana bread ever. I think I have already said that before when I shared the recipe for this banana bread with you, but I honestly think this one is even better. It is not a super healthy recipe for banana bread because it does contain oil and brown sugar. But it is so so good! Good enough to just have it plain with a cup of coffee, but when you eat it warm with a layer of peanut butter on top it is even better.

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Healthy Chocolate Pecan muffins with a hint of coffee

healthy chocolate pecan muffins - karlijnskitchen.com

A few weeks ago I was still in the middle of all the Christmas craziness. I always have a lot of respect for people who can only eat a little of everything in December. Eating healthy for the entire day and then having one little treat in the evening. I always try to do the same, but I must say I am not very good at it. I more of a person who buys something and then eats the entire package within two days. I always end up eating a little bit too much in December and after Christmas and New Year, I am totally sick of eating unhealthy. With that in the back of my mind, I made these healthy chocolate pecan muffins.

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10 Pumpkin Recipes that you should try this autumn

Pumpkin! I can’t get enough of it in this season. I have already shared several pumpkin recipes with you in October and last year I published several recipes too. I thought it would be nice to group a collection of my pumpkin recipes together for you, so you can find them easily.

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