Healthy egg wrap

healthy proteinrich egg wraps -

Today I have a delicious and healthy lunch recipe for you. An egg wrap! I have made an egg wrap before using eggs and ground oats, but I only shared this recipe in my free lunch e-book (you get the e-book for free when you subscribe to my newsletter!) and I never shared a recipe for an egg wrap on my blog before. Time to change that because it is a super handy and protein-rich lunch! Read more

Oven-baked brie frittata

oven-baked brie frittata -

I wanted to make a light, but protein-rich dinner and that is when I created this oven-baked brie frittata! A super simple recipe with only 5 ingredients. With a salad or slice of low FODMAP bread on the side, this is a perfect light dinner. But you can also take a few slices of the brie frittata for lunch or as a side dish. Put the frittata into a box and you can also take it with you on the go.

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Buckwheat pancakes (Dutch style)

buckwheat pancakes -

The recipe that I want to share with you is so simple that it hardly isn’t worth writing down. It is a recipe for Dutch style buckwheat pancakes! The reason that I call them Dutch style pancakes is because they are much thinner than the usual pancakes in other countries. Dutch pancakes are slightly thicker as crepes. This recipe really became one of my favourites.

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Summer raspberry brie salad

raspberry brie salad -

I love summer salads with fruit and cheese. The sweet flavour of the fruit in combination with the hearty cheese is a combination I love. Today I have a recipe for a delicious raspberry brie salad for you! The salad is easy to make and looks super colourful. It is good for a light dinner,  lunch or as a side dish for, for example, a BBQ. Oh, those summer nights!

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Asian salad

asian salad -

After the barbeque recipe for low FODMAP chicken satay that I shared with you last wednesday, I have another recipe for you that is perfect for an Asian themed BBQ. The base of this Asian salad is super simple, but the dressing with rice vinegar and sesame oil really gives it that Asian twist.

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Low FODMAP Pasta pesto salad with tomatoes and goat cheese

pasta pesto salad -

A super easy recipe, but it is so tasty to have for a healthy lunch or light dinner. I have really been in a spring mood for the past few weeks, even though the weather in the Netherlands is still very cold and rainy. Still, I enjoy eating light recipes these days. This low FODMAP pasta pesto salad is great to make for a dinner party, barbecue or pot luck dinner. Pesto and goat cheese go very well together and I am sure everybody will enjoy the salad!

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Low FODMAP Tomato soup with meatballs

low FODMAP tomato soup with meatballs -

I felt like eating tomato soup with meatballs all week. This isn’t a normal feeling for me during spring. Because usually, I don’t eat soup so often in the warmer seasons. But guess what, it feels like winter here. Last week when I was cycling to work in the morning, it was -2! I took out my winter coat and gloves again, ugh. This kind of weather totally justifies eating soup and because I didn’t have a recipe for low FODMAP tomato soup on my blog yet, I created one for you.

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Low FODMAP Egg salad

low fodmap egg salad -

It seems a bit stupid to share a recipe for egg salad right after Easter, but I was really craving egg salad in the week after Easter. I don’t like egg salad from the supermarket at all, but I love it when it is homemade. It is good to eat as a snack on a rice cracker or for lunch on sourdough spelt bread. I made this low FODMAP egg salad slightly lighter because I didn’t use as much mayonnaise as egg salad recipes do normally, but you really don’t taste the difference. It still is super tasty!

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Low FODMAP poached egg sandwich with smoked salmon

low FODMAP poached egg sandwich with smoked salmon -

This is so tasty! If a restaurant has a sandwich with poached egg and salmon on the menu and they have low FODMAP bread, I always order it. The combination of poached egg and smoked salmon is just amazing. Especially when there is also some avocado on the sandwich (1/8 avocado is low FODMAP, so a thin spread of avocado on a sandwich is safe to eat). Last weekend, I finally made a low FODMAP poached egg sandwich with smoked salmon at home. A perfect Easter recipe!

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