Party snack: Low FODMAP tortilla roll-ups with smoked salmon

low FODMAP tortilla roll-ups -

In the Netherlands, this is probably the most served party snack ever: tortilla roll-ups filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese. You can serve them however you like, tortillas filled with smoked chicken and cream cheese are very popular too. It is super simple to make and everybody loves it, so with this snack, you will always do well at a party. I didn’t eat them for a very long time because the tortillas are never low FODMAP. But that is going to change now because I have a recipe for low FODMAP tortilla roll-ups with salmon and cream cheese!

Of course, you can fill the tortillas with whatever you prefer and the tortillas are also great to have for lunch or to use in a Mexican recipe for dinner.

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Low FODMAP Pita Flammkuchen (Gluten-free and lactose-free)

low fodmap pita flammkuchen -

A super simple recipe for flammkuchen. I made low FODMAP pita flammkuchen! Flammkuchen is a thin pizza or tarte flambée from Germany that is traditionally covered with sour cream, bacon and onion. To make this recipe very quick and easy, I used a gluten-free pita for the pizza crust. Because there is no lactose-free version of sour cream in the Netherlands, I used lactose-free cream cheese instead of sour cream and I replaced the onion with spring onion. You can make this recipe in no time and I am sure the flammkuchen will also do great as a party snack! I know for sure that I will make pita flammkuchen and pita pizza more often, it is so simple and so good!

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Low FODMAP Nachos

low fodmap nachos -

Nachos, ahhh. If there is something that you can give me at any moment of the day, it is nachos. Preferably with seasoned minced meat and a thick layer of melted cheese. Yes, you make me very happy with this. Also at a party you can definitely please your guests with a large tray of nachos and therefore I decided to make low FODMAP nachos for New Year’s Eve.

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Meatballs in tomato sauce (low FODMAP)

meatballs in tomato sauce -

My grandma makes the best meatballs in tomato sauce in the world. Every year with Christmas they are on the menu when we have dinner at her house. I won’t be at my family’s Christmas dinner this year because I celebrate Christmas in Slovenia, but I thought that these meatballs in tomato sauce would also make a delicious snack on New Year’s Eve. I love having warm snacks at a party and these meatballs are perfect for that.

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Farinata – Italian chickpea pancake

Farinata - Italian chickpea pancake -

During my holiday in Italy, I discovered farinata. An Italian pancake made from chickpea flour. A typical Italian snack that originates in Genua at the Ligurian coast. Also in the Cinque Terre, a bit more to the south, you can find it everywhere. This region is known for its focaccia’s and farinata’s and you see Foccacciaria’s and Farinateria’s in every town. The nice thing about the farinata is that this pancake is naturally gluten-free because it is made with chickpea flour. The recipe is very simple, because, next to chickpea flour, the batter only consists of olive oil and water. 

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Party snack: eggplant pizza’s

Eggplant pizza's -

Today I have a very fun recipe for you: eggplant pizza’s! Little pizza’s made on slices of eggplant. I ate it this week for dinner, but it is really nice to serve as a side dish for Christmas dinner or as a party snack. For example on New Year’s Eve!

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Sigara Boregi – Cigar shaped pastry (not low FODMAP)

Sigara borek -

I have already shared two of my favourite Turkish recipes with you before: kisir (bulgur salad) and kadayif (a sweet Turkish dessert). The recipe I want to share with you today is possibly my biggest favourite: sigara boregi. These are cigar shaped rolls made of yufka dough stuffed with white cheese and parsley. Or as I have heard often in the Netherlands: yo those spring rolls are good, what’s that?!

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