Grilled eggplant with feta and tomato

grilled eggplant with tomato and feta -

Today I have a super tasty recipe for a side dish for you. It is so simple that it is hardly worth it to write a recipe for it, but because it was so good, I wanted to share it anyway. Since I studied in Turkey, I am crazy about eggplant. It is such a tasty vegetable! Especially when grilled or roasted. In Turkey, they know very well how to prepare tasty recipes with eggplant. For example baba ganoush or this delicious hunkar begendi. Two recipes that make me very happy! This grilled eggplant with feta and tomato makes a perfect side dish and when the weather is nice you can also make it on the BBQ. Yum! Do you like eggplant as much as I do?  Read more

Turkish eggplant salad (yoğurtlu patlıcan salatası)

turkish eggplant salad - patlican salatasi -

A few weeks ago I had a barbeque with my dear Turkish friend Büşra. She made a side dish that used to be one of my favourite things to eat in Turkey, but that I actually had forgotten about a little bit. Yoğurtlu patlıcan salatası or in English: Turkish eggplant salad. A salad made of roasted eggplant with yoghurt and olive oil. It is very simple to make. You just have to wait a bit, while the eggplants are grilling in the oven. The eggplant dip makes a perfect side dish for a barbeque, but it is also great for lunch on bread or as a snack to dip in with some bread or vegetables. It doesn’t look too great, but believe me, it is super tasty!

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Low FODMAP köfte kebabs with homemade tzatziki

low fodmap kofte kebabs with homemade tzatziki -

Köfte kebabs always remind me of the time that I was studying in Istanbul and of the summer holidays with my family in Turkey. This year it has been 5 years that I went on exchange to Istanbul, isn’t it crazy how quick time flies by. I thought this “anniversary” was a good moment to share a typical Turkish dish with you that is great for a BBQ: low FODMAP köfte kebabs with homemade tzatziki!

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Asian salad

asian salad -

After the barbeque recipe for low FODMAP chicken satay that I shared with you last wednesday, I have another recipe for you that is perfect for an Asian themed BBQ. The base of this Asian salad is super simple, but the dressing with rice vinegar and sesame oil really gives it that Asian twist.

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Low FODMAP Chicken satay (peanut sauce)

low fodmap chicken satay -

Last week, I suddenly got the idea to do a barbeque in Asian style. In my opinion, Dutch barbeques are often pretty boring. Most barbeques that I went to in the past were always the same. The same standard choices: chicken kebabs, burgers, pork meat, bread with garlic butter and fruit salad. This is all good, but how much fun is it to do a barbeque with a specific theme? Like a country or a region. I love Asian food, so I  went for an Asian barbeque. The first dish that I made is a dish that is often served on Dutch barbeques too: low FODMAP chicken satay. Chicken satay is chicken kebabs served with a peanut sauce. In Holland, we feel like this dish is as Dutch as it can be, but in reality, it is Asian of course. A must-have on an Asian barbeque if you ask me! Later this week, I will share another BBQ recipe, so stay tuned!

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