Low FODMAP Mussels in white wine sauce

low FODMAP mussels in white wine sauce - karlijnskitchen.com

I saw that the mussels were discounted and then I suddenly realised that it was mussel season! We used to eat mussels quite often when I was little. Most young kids were horrified by the thought of eating mussels and fish, but my sister and I loved it. My parents would have dinner nights where they would eat mussels with friends and they always planned that we would eat something before and go to bed early, so they could have an evening with their friends. But when I was about six years old I was already begging my parents to stay up late, so I could eat mussels with them. I realised this week that I didn’t eat mussels for a long time and that I never even prepared them myself. That had to change, so today I have a recipe for low FODMAP mussels in white wine sauce for you!

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