Healthy pumpkin spice crumble

healthy pumpkin spice crumble -

Give me something with pumpkin spice or the traditional Dutch speculaas¬†this season and I am happy. The spicy flavour of speculaas just makes everything better. And because I don’t want to eat only speculaas chunks and kruidnoten this season (Dutch treats that you should definitely give a try!), I am also making healthy recipes with pumpkin spice and this healthy pumpkin spice crumble is an example of that. Such a delicious breakfast!

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Oven-baked brie frittata

oven-baked brie frittata -

I wanted to make a light, but protein-rich dinner and that is when I created this oven-baked brie frittata! A super simple recipe with only 5 ingredients. With a salad or slice of low FODMAP bread on the side, this is a perfect light dinner. But you can also take a few slices of the brie frittata for lunch or as a side dish. Put the frittata into a box and you can also take it with you on the go.

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Fast & Easy: Pasta with tuna, grilled eggplant and black olives

pasta with tuna, grilled eggplant and black olives -

When I was visiting my boyfriend in Slovenia, I cooked us a very simple pasta. I shared this with you in my “what I eat in a day” from last Saturday. My boyfriend hardly has any kitchen utensils. A few old pans are all I have to cook with and therefore I didn’t expect much from this meal. Surprisingly it turned out delicious! A pasta with tuna, grilled eggplant and black olives.
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