Hotspots, to do’s and low FODMAP food tips on Krk, Croatia

hotspots, to do's en low FODMAP eettips op krk, kroatie -

In the beginning of July, I visited Krk in Croatia for a long weekend with my boyfriend Matic. I thought it would be nice to share my hotspots, to do’s and of course low FODMAP food tips on Krk with you in a little travel guide! Would you like to see blogs like these on my blog more often?

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Travel diary Lille: On a road trip with and eating low FODMAP

low fodmap in lille -

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip with my sister Malu. is a Dutch travel concept where you book a trip without knowing where you are going beforehand. You arrive at the airport and there you can scratch open a card that will reveal your destination. books your flights and hotel for you. I read a lot about this concept on other blogs and heard enthusiastic stories from friends, so I decided that I wanted to give Malu a trip for her birthday. When I was looking at what options they offer, I found out that next to city trips, backpacking trips and even a low budget trip by plane, they also offer road trips. As a trip by plane for two persons was a bit above my budget, this was a perfect option!

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Eating low FODMAP in Morocco

eating low FODMAP in morocco -

Last week, I was on holiday in Morocco! It was my very first time in this beautiful country and I must admit that I was a bit worried about eating low FODMAP in Morocco. Morocco’s national dish is Tajine, stewed beef, fish or vegetables, in a pot that is often served with couscous. A dish that Morocco is very proud of. And of course, couscous is not low FODMAP..

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Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy – Cinque Terre

Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy - Cinque Terre -

Last week, I already shared my experiences with eating low FODMAP and gluten-free at Lake Garda with you and today I have the third blog post in the series Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy for you! My experiences in the Cinque Terre during the last part of my holiday. 

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Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy – Lake Garda

Eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy - Lake Garda -

At the end of July, I spent 10 days of holiday in Italy. First, we stayed five days at Lake Garda and after that five more days in the Cinque Terre at the west coast of Italy. Going on holidays became slightly less spontaneous since I follow the low FODMAP diet and have IBS. I think my fellow fodmappers and other people with food intolerances will recognise this. When you are on holiday you want to be able to do the same as your friends and family. Go to a restaurant, go out for drinks and eat ice cream! As a fodmapper you can still do this, but it just takes some more preparation. Randomly walking into a restaurant and finding something you can eat is never guaranteed. Therefore, I wanted to share my experiences with eating low FODMAP and gluten-free in Italy at Lake Garda with you. If you are going to the same place or somewhere else in Italy this might help you to find low FODMAP and gluten-free things to eat! See also my earlier blog about eating low FODMAP in Bologna. Next week I will share another blog with my experiences in the Cinque Terre (<– update: the blog post is now online)

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Traveldiary: Christmas lights and mountains

Bled Slovenia -

Last week I visited Slovenia again. For the fourth and last time this year. Long distance relationships are definitely not fun (the distance part I mean of course), but one of the few advantages is that you get to visit each other and see new places while you do. And I got to discover in the last months that my boyfriend lives in a very beautiful country. A country that many people (including myself a few months ago) know hardly anything about, but that is definitely worth visiting. Read more

5 things to do in Ljubljana – Slovenia

Ljubljana -

A few weeks ago I was visiting Ljubljana again. The first time I visited I was really surprised by the city. I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it a very lively, beautiful city with a really nice atmosphere. This time again I enjoyed strolling through the city a lot. Therefore I found it time to share some must visit places/must do’s in Ljubljana with you!

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Eating low FODMAP in Italy – A holiday in Bologna

Eating low FODMAP in Italy - Bologna -

As you will probably know from my earlier posts I have to avoid quite a lot of foods, because of my IBS. I know that there are more and more people these days who have to avoid certain kinds of foods because of health issues, therefore, I wanted to share my tips of places to eat safely when you are travelling. This time, I will talk about eating low FODMAP in Italy – Bologna. Firstly I have to say that I still find it very difficult to minimise my IBS complaints on holiday. I love food so much and I really have difficulties not eating things that I know give me complaints sometimes and I still haven’t fully figured out what I can and cannot eat, so I have not had a complaint free holiday yet. However, I did find some nice places where I could eat food without problems and I will share the things I learned during my trip. 

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